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Reported by 1073670 at 2009-06-10 01:26:13

This an image code of a Trade in which I was scammed by, Twiggy aka Peter Thornton, aka whatever other names he can dream up. DON'T DEAL WITH HIM AT ALL, VERY SLY, EVEN IF YOU FEEL 100% SAFE, DON'T DO IT, YOU WILL GET SCAMMED.

I hope this helps,

If you need his ID i posted it further up thread, but if you can't find it mail me and I'll be happy to help,

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Reported by 1008852 at 2009-04-27 08:39:00
11:48:27 PM Grand says: look your an idiot there is no such thing as happiness enchancer u tried to scam me thinking i was some stupid newbie i just wanted to see what you would say all you have acheived is your name on the official scammers list or i should say tried scammers

11:45:36 PM *Current message you are reading*
The_Commander says: no u didnt,ru tryin to scam me,this is serious,send me it if u want it done
*Current message you are reading*

11:43:40 PM Grand says: just did send me urs now

11:41:53 PM The_Commander says: send me urs

11:41:21 PM Grand says: ok then

11:39:09 PM The_Commander says: u do 1st then wen am in bed u do it to mine

11:36:05 PM Grand says: ok then send me your property

11:34:57 PM The_Commander says: ok,did u find it while walking around the city,i did. can i do it 1st caause i have 2 go to sleep,so i will do it for yours and then i will give it to u wen am asleep

11:33:02 PM Grand says: yea i have one to send me yours first my enhancer triples happiness so i can triple for u

11:30:24 PM The_Commander says: i hav a property enhancer which doubles happiness on properties if u send me ur property i can double its happiness

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