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Reported by 341315 at 2010-08-04 11:33:21
Slut scammer offers money for you to attack them then does not pay.

JTM [1036422]

Offered a mil in Global to the 1st person to hosp him. I did, and he showed himself to be a liar.

10:39:34 PM Fujiko says: You reflect poorly on your family.

10:38:49 PM JTM says: my word is only worthless towards you because your a bitch

10:37:46 PM Fujiko says: still a liar and a scumbag whose word is worthless

10:37:01 PM JTM says: like i said if it would have been anyone else they would have got 1 million

10:36:12 PM Fujiko says: Then you are a liar as well as a moron.

10:35:25 PM JTM says: Sure would I was going to send the cash but then i saw who attacked so i decided not to

10:33:54 PM Fujiko says: You wouldn't scam your old friend Fujiko out of a mil, would you?

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