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Reported by 694764 at 2009-11-09 03:55:13

I am mailing you about a new Stock Investment Group that is being set-up in Torn!

It is ran by me and will provide a way of making profit for all members involved!

How does it work you ask!

* The group will invest in different stocks, to gain benefits, such as Medical Supplies, Lottery Voucers etc etc
* Upon the sale of these items, the money will be split between all investors. (Depending on the amount they invested)
* You will get the payments forever, the stock will never be removed.

Investments List:

IOU - Each 31.5mill - Returns 1mill per week (63mill Available)
HRG - Each 30mill - Returns upto 10mill per week (390mill Available)
TMI - Each 27.5mill - Returns 1mill per week (770mill Available)

However, the more you invest, the quicker we can afford to invest, and the quicker the benefits come!

Mail Back with the stock you would like to invest in, if you are interested

S.I.G Manager


Once the money goes, it never returns.

Reported by 869170 at 2009-03-25 00:41:40
looks like some is still up to their tricks [259767]

9:36:12 AM ra1der says: Hey Would you like to gain more stats at the gym when you train? If you do then i have the answer! All you need to do is send me the property that you live in and i can double its happy for you free of charge! You will never have to pay for the extra happy! If your interested, just send a property over! Ra1der

poltergeist300 says: yes please i will just send that over!

ra1der says: ok mate :) you will have it back within 5 mins

poltergeist300 says: great thanks!


Reported by 262 at 2009-03-08 01:14:54
bump and the player Ra1der [259767] has came up with a new scam and his wife babychick07 [579300] (add her to the list as well) is doing basicly the same thing.... Ra1der [259767] got about 500 mill outa this

he contacted a bunch of us offering shares in a zoo that he was going to start and we would get the dividends on the profits... he made his profile look all offical and organized to increase trust in him and when he got the money he needed he put us on his ignore list and well yea you get the point ... he started a cruise line agency tho (no dividends for us)

i was about to start a scammer list but i didnt know that this existed till a few moments ago so ill contribute my experience

Reported by 448162 at 2009-03-05 16:50:01
8:46:04 AM ra1der says: lol i thought over it for the 3 weeks it took me to pull off ©

8:45:20 AM cox says: ok.. thnaks for the scam.. think over ur act. regards

8:40:52 AM ra1der says: ermmmm let me think no!

8:39:51 AM cox says: can i have my money back?i am not a rich person. just bot share as an investment.

8:38:28 AM cox says: so it was a scam..indeed

8:38:05 AM ra1der says: you got it

8:35:36 AM cox says: how come u started a cruise agency insteadof zoo. was it a scam?

Reported by 107444 at 2009-03-04 06:53:24
Tried to scam me but failed. but has scammed several friends

ra1der [259767]

Reported by 1035358 at 2009-02-28 00:09:14
As usual read from the bottom up...

8:01:06 PM MadameButterfly says: Let's test that theory...

7:59:46 PM *Current message you are reading*
ra1der says: ok then, well i had a few people pull out, like every investment lol add me if you like, it wont come to anything
*Current message you are reading*

7:58:49 PM MadameButterfly says: Not suprisingly on here [url][/url] you claim to only have 12 shares left and does this look familiar? 2009-02-04 9:00:53 AM *Current message you are reading* ra1der says: Hey There! Was just wondering if you would be interested inbuying shares in a zoo that i am going to be setting up at the start of March! Check my profile for information and let me know Ra1der * 2009-02-04 9:01:04 AM ra1der says: Hey There! Was just wondering if you would be interested inbuying shares in a zoo that i am going to be setting up at the start of March! Check my profile for information and let me know Ra1der 2009-02-04 9:11:15 AM _pinky_ says: f**k me all the scammers out to day.............its like 1 big 1 will invest......every1 no u carnt get done 4 scamming no u thought im having some of that...............lmao.............every1 nos what happened with the oil rig..............and now u trying this crap .............with me......piss off 2009-02-04 9:11:57 AM ra1der says: This actually isnt a scam, i genuinley want to open one, i just dont have the cash myself 2009-02-04 9:12:50 AM _pinky_ says: yer right o...............jog on................u si....................go try the next mug 2009-02-04 9:13:57 AM ra1der says: i will do dont u worry about that 2009-02-04 9:15:12 AM _pinky_ says: lmao u scammer try any thing 4 a bit of $............u gonna have to come up with some thing alot better than that...........let me tell u.......EVERYBOBY KNOWS...........u about 4 week to late n00b All it took was one search of your name and I got all that, I shall be adding you to the scammer thread post haste © ©

7:47:41 PM ra1der says: ok then

7:46:06 PM MadameButterfly says: hahaha no thanks

7:39:10 PM ra1der says: 12mill

7:38:43 PM MadameButterfly says: and how much is a share?

7:33:28 PM ra1der says: a share in the zoo, that will eventually create more cash than you put in

7:33:02 PM MadameButterfly says: Whats in it for me?

7:26:20 PM ra1der says: Hey There! I am going to be opening a Zoo in Torncity in about 2 weeks! But i am still short on investors! I had 50 shares to sell and have sold 36 so far! So ihave 14 left! I was wondering if you wanted to buy any? All the information is on my profile! And you can mail me with any questions! Thanks Ra1der

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