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April 19th, 2007 § 0

Đây là nguyên văn lá thư trả lời của bác eCommerce Manager của Gameloft Europe:

Hello Phan Van An,

Thank you for your time completing the test for the PHP developer position at Gameloft.

THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL ANSWER FROM GAMELOFT! I was evaluating your test and I felt obliged to answer your question at the end:

Isn’t it funny giving a candidate this test? No one can remember by heart everything about PHP, MySQL, HTTP, WAP, whatever. While working, it is a must to refer to other resources like documentation, ebooks, Internet etc, since human is human, and machine is machine. I dare the man who creates this test complete it perfectly without any resource reference.

Good luck, Gameloft!

This test was meant to show us what is the knowledge and current experience level of the candidate. For a candiate to qualify for a position in Gameloft he MUSTN’T NECESARILLY answer all the question, just go thru them and do his best. The purpose of all these questions (without allowing the candidate to access documentation) is NOT to see that the candidate
knows by hearth these things, but that he has working experience with these notions. Belive me, an experienced candidate knows how explode and implode are used and what is their exact syntax without looking into the help.

Gameloft will come back to you soon if you will be found fit to work for us.

Kind Regards,

Cristian Dascalu
Gameloft eCommerce Manager - Europe

Còn đây là lá mail trả nhời từ cái thằng đã mang phận đi xin làm công mà còn chảnh:

Dear M. Dascalu,

Thank you for your replying. I agree with you that a candidate mustn’t necessarily answer all the questions (correctly). But your test had too many questions that required a candidate to remember by heart all those theoretical things, therefore - at least in my view - could not be considered as a good test, and could not be used to classify candidates’ levels.

Secondly, the test was for PHP Team Leader position, not Developer. You may tell me that a team leader is a developer at first, but that’s not 100% correct. A test for a Team Leader position needs more than just questions about WAP or HTTP 200 or querying database and so on.

Further more, I think your example about explode and implode does not reflect the test content. Those are very basic functions, and no one needs to look into the help, not just experienced ones. So I am so sorry to tell you that I will keep my own opinion, as so will you.

Thank you for reading my email,
An, Phan

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