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May 28th, 2007 § 0

* @desc
* I’ll talk about those days that left deep traces in our memories.
* Will talk about the days to come when we’ll come together again.
* I’ll think about your smile and your hand and your face and your delightful eyes.
* I’ll be missing you when I quicken my bike on a crowded and
* empty and noisy and quiet street.
* Will be missing you in the middle of a mass of dust and smoke,
* in the middle of a traffic jam, on the middle of a bridge,
* in the middle of another long long day of mine.
* Will be missing you with a coffee cup and that far high heavy leaden cloudy sky,
* when I sit there all alone listening to Once to remember.
* Will be missing you in the long and rainy nights when I hold the pillow and
* look up to the ceiling - the hollow nowhere since you’re not here.
* Will be missing you in the chaos of ? and //, of bugs and todos,
* of comments and feedback, of leaders and managers.
* Will be missing you as my email is delivered all across the network
* after I click Send.
* Will be missing you when I touch the books lying melancholically on the shelf
* with Levy, with Hugo, with Dumas, and without you.
* You’re in every line of the books I read, in every word of the songs I listen to,
* in every stranger’s face I meet all along the road,
* in every breath I take for the living or the dead.
* I know we will (and should) have our times, both hard and good.
* Can’t (and won’t) say how much I feel guilty when I make you cry.
* Since you may not know how much I love you.
* But as sure as I am forever I am, trust me,
* In the silent patience, persistently I will wait.

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