$me = new Guy(1984);
$me->name = 'Phan Van An';
$me->nick = 'phoenix.heart';
$me->age  = date('Y') - $me->birth_year;
$me->work = new Work();
$me->work->fields = array(
    'software development',
    'graphic designing',
    'many other stuffs',
$me->work->company          = 'New Media Edge';
$me->work->current_position = 'Production Manager';
$me->work->current_salary   = sha1_decode('e7433272073bf5437e82e2622b4e8daf62a86446');
$me->interests = array_merge($me->work->fields, array(
    'a PC with an internet connection',
    'humorous stories',
    'playing my Gibson',
    'all that remains',
$me->contact = new Contact();
$me->contact->home_address = mt_rand();
$me->contact->phone_number = '+84904278179';
$me->contact->email        = str_replace('[at sign]', '@', 'phoenixheart[at sign]gmail.com')

MeOk, so this is yet another blog (read: portfolio & more, whatever) of mine. Actually, I have some other blogs and portfolios around too, but for some reasons here and there, all they’ve been doing is collecting dust.

Like, I used to build this entire portfolio here. Hey, it’s big. It took me weeks to design the interface, slice the PSD file, and code the server stuffs with CodeIgniter framework - that was really a hard time. Then I put in some AJAX with cool JavaScript effects (you know, fading in and out). Then I made everything XHTML/CSS valid. Finally I leave it forever there with some ugly icons, and only get back to it when I need something to show off.

Like, one beautiful day recently I came up with this idea to start up a “technology peek-a-boo” site. Tekaboo.com is what it’s called. WordPress is the platform it was built on. Interesting technology articles is what its content should be - I had plans in mind, really, something like Smashing Magazine or Smashing Apps. The bad thing is I’ve little time - ok, I’ll admit, it’s my perpetual laziness that’s in charge here. Anyway, one simple post cost me about 8 hours, wasn’t it a little too much?

After nights (read: hours) of insomnia it came to me: I should have an all-in-one website. Only such can fit me. Being as lazy as a pig, I decided that it’d be better (for me at least) to use those free stuffs available everywhere over the internet. As a result, this portfolio & more is built from:

Please, don’t be pissed off if it’s nothing but a hotchpotch you’re viewing. No, I’m not that good in technical stuffs. I’m not a good designer neither. And my English sucks, I know. But I’ll try.

So in that light, you’re welcome to read my posts, leave a comment, or even spam something here.

Happy day,