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Write your own URL shortener

With Twitter and its 140 characters limit leading all the trends, URL shortening services are in extremely high demand. We have seen TinyURL in the past, now,, and dozens of others are joining the party to share the cake. Honestly saying, to me they’re all the same (except for ➡.ws for its [...]

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Code snippet #1 - Get Latest Tweet

Ok so I’m following some guy’s recommendation (sorry, I really forgot his name as well as his blog address) to try to post something useful even when I don’t have anything to blog about. How about a series of code snippets? To some they are old but to the others they may help - for [...]

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To twitter or not to twitter

Like almost everyone here, I have my Twitter account too, which I created long ago. Thing is, I don’t exactly know what’s it about (what a shame). Thaya he told me that it’s some kind of chatting, just less annoying and more useful, but still I don’t understand how people can keep a web page [...]

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