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Code Snippet 3 - Create post slugs

If you’re used to WordPress, you must have noticed that usually a blog doesn’t use the default permalink structure (like, where 43 is the post ID store in the database). Instead, almost all blog owners tend to use the built-in option form to set the permalinks to something similar to and leave the [...]

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Code snippet #2 - Shorten Links Using

Following the first snippet, here is another small one to shorten a link using I chose over other link shortening services due to a simple reason: Twitter uses it as default (by now). Code snippet #2 - Shorten Links Using Purpose Create a shortened URL using This is extremely useful for [...]

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Code snippet #1 - Get Latest Tweet

Ok so I’m following some guy’s recommendation (sorry, I really forgot his name as well as his blog address) to try to post something useful even when I don’t have anything to blog about. How about a series of code snippets? To some they are old but to the others they may help - for [...]

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