WP Plugins

Aside from doing normal web stuffs, I sometimes develop plugins for WordPress too - just as a habit. My plugins so far are:

  • Digg This O’ Mine: a dead simple plugin to display a “Digg This” button at the end of the posts. This was my very first attempt to create a WordPress plugin, so let’s not mention about its quality :”>. Discontinued, though I’m always fine for supportation.
  • Referrer Detector: perhaps my most well-known plugin. It displays a customizable greeting to users coming from various source like Google Search, Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc.
  • Ajax Random Posts: a plugin for my personal use at first, retrieves a list of random posts in an Ajax’ed way.
  • Free CDN: rewrites the static content URLs of your site so that they are served through Coral CDN, a free Content Delivery Network
  • CDN Rewrites: similar to Free CDN, but support commercial CDNs too.

Should you have any comments, feedback, bug reports, feature requests, new ideas etc. please feel free to let me know either right here, at the contact page, or on individual plugin pages. I really, really appreciate it.

  • My WordPress site has a “slide show” script running. After installing Free CDN, the slide show becomes a series of static images. Is there a solution to using your Free CDN and also allowing my slide show to work?
    Thank you,
    Mel Wayne

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