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Make your site *look* pro with simple CSS techniques

Big things are created with tiny bits, that’s what I hear them say. It can’t be more correct with web design - a small detail can change the whole site. In this article (and more to come) I will introduce some small CSS techniques that can make your site look pro - I must emphasize [...]

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Bad practices (and how to avoid them) in web development

(Yet another post taken from the ruins of Tekaboo) Whether you are a web designer or a server side guy, there are certain times when you must get your hands dirty with HTML codes. Since HTML is rich, and even getting richer with the coming HTML 5, many HTML coders tend to do it improperly [...]

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Things I hate on a web page

(This is one of my article from Tekaboo) I’m a die-hard web surfer. Internet takes me at least 7-8 hours a day. I read almost everything web: tech and non-tech news, wiki, Google, mythology, game reviews, forum discussion, manga, even pr0n sexy content. After years of web surfing, I’ve come up with a list of [...]

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