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I try my best to keep this page as up-to-date as possible, but sometimes it's not (like, when I finish a new version at 2:am and get too tired to update this accordingly). So it is recommended that you check RD WordPress Codex page too, just to be on the edge.

Referrer Detector is a plugin that displays a greetings to users who come from various internet sources (known as referrers). For example, you may want to welcome Diggers with a message that reminds them to digg your story, or you may want to ask users to bookmark your post, and so on.

Not only about a cool greeting box, it greatly helps to more efficiently interacts with your readers and build a better relationship between you (your website) and them.

This plugin was inspired by Thaya Kareeson‘s WP Greet Box plugin, a great plugin with the same purpose.


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Extract into a folder
  3. Upload the entire to wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation
  4. Enable it via Plugins panel
  5. It should now work out of the box. If you want to tweak a bit, head to Settings->Referrer Detector


  • A pure AJAXed admin interface with elements tidily divided into tabs. Entries can be added/modified/(de)activated/deleted without the need to reload the entire page, or even with just one click. Starting from 3.2, there are even bulk actions!
  • The greet box position can be set to before, after, or (starting from 3.2) both before and after the post. A custom tag can also be used in case you don’t want to show greetings on every post.
  • Users can also put a tag (<?php if (function_exists('referrer_detector')) referrer_detector(); ?>) into the template to show the greet box anywhere of choice.
  • Excluded URLs can be specified in order to hide the greet box from specific users (like ones from Google Reader).
  • A * wildcard character can be used in both referrers and excluded URLs. For example: google.* will apply for all localized Google domains.
  • Multiple URLs can be merged into one entry, seperated by commas. For example:,
  • Ability to include WordPress attributes like url, title, author, category etc. into the greetings.
  • A STAT panel to get data reporting about the visitor statistic.
  • Many installed-by-default entries (which can be restored anytime with one click). Upon installing, you will have these entries available:
    1. 9 rules
    2. and
    3. Digg
    4. Gizmodo
    5. Google Search
    6. Lifehacker
    7. Live Search
    8. Reddit
    9. StumbleUpon
    10. TechCrunch
    11. Technograti
    12. TechRadar
    13. Twitter
    14. Yahoo Search
  • Compatible with caching plugins, since the core is written and run in JavaScript which is normally not cached.
  • [NEW in 4.0] Automatically detect user’s country and display the localized greetings (if any).
  • [NEW in 4.0] Ability to backup and restore entries, excluded URLs, and options, very convenient for transferring between sites.
  • Optimized OOP code allows extreme readability and easy modifications for other plugin developers.

For FAQ, screenshots, and other notes, please head to WordPress Codex.

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  • Hi there, the plug-in has been working great for ages and then I had problems with the theme i was running Simplicity from Woo themes. Slides image in the home page carousel wouldn’t show up. turned out if i deactivated your plug-in everything went back to normal on the slides - but of course without the benefit of your plug-in.
    Recently upgraded to wordpress 3.3. wondered if that might be part of it?

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