Referrer Detector 1.2 released

Woa… again, it’s been a long time since the first released day of my WordPress plugin Referrer Detector: 3 days! To stop you from laughing at that long long 3 days, I would like to notice that in our Internet, time is measure in microseconds. So, it’s been 3*24*60*60*1000,000 = 259 200 000 000 microseconds, now convinced?

But, here is another proof to prove that 3 days is such a long long time: I’ve managed to release 4 versions of Referrer Detector! Huh, shocked? Here you go:

1.0 - Initial version


A quick fix for caching problem (if cache is enabled and the first user has no referrer, the plugin will fail). This serious bug is found by me.


Better support to work with cache plugins. Now the generic options take effect without the need to delete the cache. The reason behind this is now all options are saved into the file data.js, and this file is executed every time a page is loaded, regardless of your blog has a cache enabled or not.

And today, version 1.2 is released! Basically this version just includes several important fixes and improvements, but I decided to change the minor number to make that look somehow more important ;) . Here is the changes:

  • Fixed the bug when multiple greet boxes are stupidly shown if the page is filled with multiple full posts (such as homepage). This is a serious bug that was found by Kelson (thanks, Kelson!). I decided that in such a case, no greet box should be shown.
  • Fixed the bug in the initial SQL data where the default RSS feed url is set to mine. It’s so embarrassed to confess that with the old versions, upon installing all the RSS links in the entry would point to *my* FeedBurner url. This was my problem - I forgot to change the RSS link when publishing the plugin to WordPress Codex.
  • Fixed the javascript error when the page has no referrer.
  • Update the installation and FAQ section.
  • And some little stuffs…

If you’ve installed my plugin, you should have been announced about this version in the Plugins panel. Or you can always grab the latest version here.

Update: I’ve managed to complete version 2.0 which I’m going to blog about tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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