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To twitter or not to twitter

Like almost everyone here, I have my Twitter account too, which I created long ago. Thing is, I don’t exactly know what’s it about (what a shame). Thaya he told me that it’s some kind of chatting, just less annoying and more useful, but still I don’t understand how people can keep a web page open like 8 hours a day and type in such as “I’m reading this {TinyURL}”, “I’m listening to this {TinyURL}” :D

So recently I see more and more people are following me on Twitter. This is like that, maybe, I should seriously start twittering and let them know that I should start twittering and let them know that I should start… oh well.

By having someone “following” you and reading your updates, kind of, make you feel more important. I don’t think I can get used to it (easily).

But what do you think? Are you following me on Twitter? ;)

  • I consider Facebook for people you already know and Twitter for people that you’d like to know. :)   It’s a good way to me to keep in touch with my readers.

  • Hay nice blog ….. i just came to your blog accidentally and found it useful … :)

    Actually Twitter is to say what you’re doing currently …….

    you know people like to to know what others doing … lol

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