If I don’t write a post, people may think I’m dead :)

Yes, the stupid office work hour has been taken from me all the precious time and inspiration. Even the plan to redesign this site had to be abandoned. But I am still here.

I have too little time for a new technique to share with you, but have never forgot this blog of mine. If you care about it, I’m completely rewriting my most popular plugin Referrer Detector from scratch. After 3 major versions, its limitations are going clearer and clearer each day, most of which cannot be just fixed easily with the current code. So I’m rewriting it into a pure better OOP Referrer Detector, ready for extending and maintaining. Of course there will be some new and improved features too. I won’t promise on the release date though - I don’t want to be a liar again.

I wanted to say I much appreciate for all of your compliments, suggestions, bug reports, and encouragement these days. So I am still here, please stay tuned ;)

  • Welcome back to the WordPress world!  Maybe you can have some time to work on our little project? :)

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