Referrer Detector (and the IE pain)

On May 12 I managed to release the latest major version of Referrer Detector. As it was a complete rewritten, bugs are not a doubt expected. Since then, there has been 5 newer versions:

  • 4.0.1 - A hot fix to for allow_call_time_pass_reference problem. As for version 5, PHP passes function parameters by reference by default, thus eliminate the need of the prefix &. This shouldn’t be anything big, if it didn’t generate a warning with any attempt to use & and totally break my JavaScript’s eval().
  • 4.0.2 - Some other hot fixes.
  • 4.1.0 - “Related posts” feature implemented, and a tiny “Powered by Referrer Detector” line added into the welcome div. If you mind, both options can be turned off via Options panel - one-click. Also, the CSS was nearly completely changed.
  • - I accidentally (and stupidly) uploaded some 4.0.2 code in place of 4.1.0, and EVERYTHING was broken. This version is actually a quick roll-back, so the features were exactly the same with 4.0.2 - oops.
  • 4.1.1 - This IS 4.1.0 :D

So today I would like to announce the release of Referrer Detector (code name: IE-PAIN). For this version we have another option on how to display the welcome box - in light box style. This is not a joke: I saw the light box in action in my dream, and started to implement it right when I woke up, basing on SimpleModal. Mendeleev‘s style, haha. Actually I’m not sure if this welcome style fits normal needs, but for advertisements it seems to. At least it has some cool effects.

If you wonder about its cool code name, here you go:

  • First, version 4.1.1 has a serious bug (or is it IE?) which cause the whole admin panel to stop functioning. IE informally and informatively told me that at line 303, column 13, page ?rd.class.php there was a serious “Expected identifier, string or number” error. Actually it was a </tr> closing tag there… but I had some experience with it already: must be an extra comma in a JavaScript array. The problem is, I have like thousands of JavaScript lines within this plugin, and so it took me one hour for a single comma. Thank you, IE, for the extra headache!
  • Then, I spent almost 2 hours to beautify the CSS. Everything was perfect, until I switched to IE. Then, I spent almost 2 hours more to beautify THE CSS on IE. Everything was perfect, until I switched back to Firefox. Then, I reverted back my files, and gave up, and went to sleep. Everything was perfect - damn it.
  • After the CSS is ok on all major browsers, the welcome box disappeared on IE. Just the same eval() code worked on Firefox and all others! I tried execScripts(), I tried jQuery plugins, I tried alert(), I tried document.write() - hopelessly. PHP returned the correct string, Base64 plugin decoded it with no hassle, but IE failed to properly insert it into DOM. Stupid. One more night, and I discovered that in some Ajax circumstances, $(“element”).replaceWith(html) doesn’t work in IE. Stupid. When $(“element”).after(html).remove() does. Stupid.
  • Troubles wouldn’t stop there. The message eventually showed up - kind of. It was there, but not visible. If the mouse was hovering a link - the line appeared. Moused out, and it’s gone. Have you ever imagined that? Do you have any clue why CSS display: inline fixed it? I’ve no idea.

If it wasn’t IE, I would have released this new version 3 days ago. So I say (sorry, parental control recommended): Curse you, IE, go die pig!

Almost forgot it: nevertheless, Referrer Detector is here, that’s what important ;)

  • If you ever get back to reading the comment(s) on this post, I want you to know this:  You Made My Day!
    The reason I came looking for a plugin like your’s (really, I was looking for a plugin like Seth Godin’s, but hoped for a browser referrer feature) was because I was simply fed-up with IE … 6, 7, and 8.  Tired of pandering to it, tired of spending hours hunting down the “problem” that is only a problem with IE.
    I planned to use the plugin, or some snippet of code, to tell people who arrived using IE:  that my site probably wouldn’t display properly in their browser, that IE was not being supported by me, and that they should get a better browser.  All *nicely* of course.
    Thanks for sharing your pain … I feel you!  (And thanks for the RD plugin.  Nice work)

  • can you put RD in pages or spesific post? tq

  • Yes

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