Here we go - CDN Rewrites

Right after Free CDN was released, I got a request to enhance the plugin to support commercial Content Delivery Networks - you know, those big guys like Akamai, Limelight, EdgeCast, Velocix etc. The implementation is not too complicated: specify an origin host, and rewrite it into a destination host. That origin is of course usually, and the destination is something a Content Delivery Network would provide you with:, or, or etc. This way, all static contents will be served from that CDN host.

So, instead of developing the enhancement as a new feature for Free CDN, I decided to create a new plugin called CDN Rewrites. The implementation was not really a breeze, but in the end it worked rather smoothly.

I would like to thank Mike Colburn for the idea and being so kind enough to help me with all the documents and testing. Without him this plugin would never see the light.

Head here for the plugin’s official page.

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