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Just in case you don’t know - I’m pretty sure you do though - a WordPress-powered website is very limited in any terms without plugins. Or you can tell, a WordPress site that doesn’t use any plugin is just useless. Plugins bring your site uncountable and invaluable enhancements.

Well, enough of babbling. What I wanted to say is, today I’m going to write down here list of plugins I’m currently using on this site. For what, you ask? To show off, of course. Or - I prefer this - to share something that may be useful sometimes.

So in no particular order, here they come.

1. I use WordPress.com Stats to have a in-details view on my blog. Five or ten times a day, I click “Blog Stats” link in the admin panel to get an idea on the traffic, incoming/ongoing links, search terms etc. All these data are essential if I want to build up a high quality site.

2. To save a lot of clicks and keep the admin menu bar tidy, Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu is my plugin of choice. Agree, the new menu system in WordPress 2.7 is a good improvement, but it’s still nowhere near Ozh’s version. Write a new post, customize the theme, add a new plugin, change some settings… almost all the commands are now just one-click away from me. Huge productivity, I’d say.

3. When it comes to SEO, All in One SEO Pack definitely suits my needs. I didn’t need to do anything, just installed it and all the keywords, titles, descriptions were there beautifully. Sure, there are plenty more than just than for SEO (like the incoming links) but that should be basically enough for a good start. So if you’re coming from Google, this plugin deserves some credits.

4. And some other credits should go to Google XML Sitemaps. This plugin automatically generates a XML-Sitemap compliant site map for me every time I add/edit/remove my posts and pages, so that MSN, Yahoo, Ask, and Google bots can easily browse (and index) my site. I don’t even want to imagine just how long and boring it would be if I had to manually modify my site map after there was a change in the architecture, so this plugin is a must-have.

5. I’m not a good writer. Especially when English is not my mother language. And my articles are boring. So I guess that’s why I’m not receiving many comments from my readers. From those darn spammers however, well, there’s a bunch of spams almost every day. But you don’t see any of them, right? It’s totally thanks to the Askimet spam fighter. I installed it from the beginning of this blog, and since then there is 0 missed, around ten false positives on over 500 spamming comments got caught. Impressive, huh?

(to be continued)

  • You always say that you don’t write well but in fact you do!  Out of this list, Ozh’s Admin Drop down and Akismet is definitely a must.

  • You’re always this very kind Thaya, thanks ;)

  • Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu plug is Excellent. Thanks for your tips!

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